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December 2004

Top IT Mistakes

As your 2005 network planning gets underway, consider this: how will you ensure your organization stops throwing bandwidth at every network problem, stays on top of emerging technologies and learns how to accurately measure network performance? Can a network analyzer help in network planning?

November 2004

Using Observer to Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley

If you work in IT for a publicly traded company, monitoring your network and logging the activity of electronic financial systems has become a regulatory requirement. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (a.k.a. SOX) was passed to enforce integrity on financial reporting by (among other requirements) regulating the processes for compiling, storing, disseminating, and securing corporate financial data.

October 2004

The Front Line for Network Monitoring: SNMP

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is integrated into most network infrastructure devices today. Gathering this valuable information on switches and routers including alarming and reporting is essential to any troubleshooting activity. SNMP provides an efficient and highly flexible way to collect and organize the information needed to optimize network device performance.

September 2004

Gigabit Analysis

Are you worried that a growing user base threatens to swamp your gigabit infrastructure? Do your users complain about slow server performance over the gigabit backbone? How much of that expensive hardware is actually being utilized?

August 2004

Expert Processing and Packet Captures on Remote Networks

Observer 10 offers advanced technology for Expert Analysis and remote Packet Capture/Decode. The new Advanced Expert Probe from VIAVI Solutions performs real-time Expert Analysis and packet captures at remote locations for faster and easier troubleshooting.

July 2004


Is your organization implementing a Wireless network? Want to find out if your network is ready? If you own Observer, you're already halfway there. Observer is the only network analyzer with full support for both wired and wireless networks built into every product.

June 2004

Deploying VoIP

Voice over IP is a hot topic. Did you know that with Observer, you can ensure a smooth VoIP deployment and improve VoIP performance across the network? With Observer and VoIP you can...