February 2006

VIAVI Solutions Experiences 24 Percent Overall Growth in 2005

Total company revenue for 2005 increased by 24 percent over 2004. Contributing factors include substantial competitive wins, new innovative product offerings, and expansion into new markets.

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In Practice: Deploying Probes in an Enterprise Environment

Before deploying Observer, user complaints were all a major automotive organization had to monitor network communications at its 56 remote offices. To gain distributed visibility and stay within budget, the IT team deployed 60 VIAVI Solutions' probes across the entire network infrastructure. Now they proactively monitor the network–finding and resolving problems before they become user complaints. In fact, the organization has not experienced any downtime since these probes were deployed.

Distributed analysis is the only practical way to make different parts of a network visible and therefore manageable. From a single Observer console, an IT administrator can monitor and view traffic from anywhere a probe is deployed, even across different mediums and topologies.

This organization had deployed a probe on the main backbone of the network to view traffic at its corporate headquarters. This provided some visibility of corporate communications, but left the organization blind to traffic at its 56 remote locations.


As a result, the IT staff was forced into reactive mode on remote problems—the only way they were informed of issues is after they had become user (or even customer) headaches. To effectively monitor the entire network infrastructure, the organization deployed 60 VIAVI Solutions’ probes across the remote sites.

Shortly after this large-scale deployment, a remote probe identified an employee transferring a large number of files to a server. After further investigation, a network administrator discovered an employee was backing an entire hard drive to that server, which is not acceptable company policy. The administrator tracked down the employee before all that activity overwhelmed the network, and suggested alternative options to protect the data.

Another remote probe revealed an unknown IP address scanning through the system. An administrator immediately ran a packet capture to determine what that unknown user was doing. Analyzing this activity showed this administrator was dealing with a hacker and he immediately blocked that user’s IP address at the router–preventing potentially costly and damaging problems.

A short time later, a probe located at corporate headquarters showed a roadside service application clogging up bandwidth. The administrator was able to reconfigure the application to prevent that problem in the future and restore the network before it affected business.

By implementing probes throughout its network infrastructure, the IT team has been able monitor traffic around-the-clock to ensure the organization constantly receives the necessary information resources. According to the CIO, these probes have prevented the organization from experiencing any downtime.

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Tech Tip: Reporting on Long-Term IP Traffic

Observer Suite provides an extensive library of reports. As of Observer 11, Top Web Servers reports in the web-based report library now allow IP reports to be based on a fixed port, a range of ports, or all IP traffic–not just port 80 HTTP traffic. For example, a report can be customized to show traffic running over a fixed port such as FTP, telnet, or SMTP; a combination of those ports; or all IP ports in general.

To create a web-based report, select Trending/Analysis in the Observer menu and select Start Web Browser Report. A new window will appear. Select Report Library.


To create a Top Web Servers report, select a date range and then the Top Web Servers (by traffic) link in the report library.



Select Settings and scroll down to Internet Report Settings to identify which port or range of ports to analyze. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save.   

This will display the IP traffic you requested. To change the display format, go back to Internet Report Settings, and select the desired Display or Chart Format.



VIAVI Solutions Eases Probe Administration and Supervision with New Management Server


How to Get the Best Traffic Reports Across the Network Infrastructure



Deploying Probes and Analyzers in an Enterprise Environment
Successfully deploying a distributed analysis solution across a network requiresa basic understanding of distributed analyzers and network technologies.This paper reviews points to consider when purchasing and deploying probe-based distributed analyzers.

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