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December 2006

Keep Current with New Technology-Based Webinars

Network Instruments is running a series of product-based and technology-based webinars covering the latest in analysis tools and technology trends, including VoIP, network forensics, flow technologies, and effective reporting.

November 2006

Compliance and Corporate Governance Enforcement

The role of network administrators has changed greatly, expanding from one of simple network troubleshooting to include ensuring corporate compliance with government regulations as well as network use policies from HR. GigaStor, as a network forensic solution, plays an important role in ensuring compliance by validating the effectiveness of your existing network security infrastructure and providing documentation of any policy violation.

October 2006

Application Monitoring and Long-term Trending

Continuous monitoring and long-term trend analysis are critical for efficiently managing application service delivery. By understanding typical server and network behavior, you can establish benchmarks to define normal network performance and proactively handle issues before they impact your network.

September 2006

Bandwidth Utilization – A Proactive Approach

Bandwidth utilization is one of the more basic but critical functions of a network analyzer. Learn how to use Observer's Bandwidth Utilization feature to measure and display current network load in real time.

August 2006

Application Reports

Determining if the problem is the network or the application is a common task for any network administrator. Learn how to automate application reporting with Observer so that you can track long-term application analysis statistics for more proactive application management.

July 2006

Slow Server Response

When users complain of a slow server, the problem could be any number of reasons. Fortunately, Observer can help you quickly investigate and identify the problem to help you restore full service to users.

June 2006

A Comprehensive Distributed Analysis Plan

The benefits of distributed analysis are quite obvious when extensive travel and time is required to monitor remote segments. However, distributed analysis is also an effective solution when you have to monitor and troubleshoot activity a few miles away or even in the same building. Developing a comprehensive distributed analysis plan, which combines the advantages of Observer and NetFlow technology, helps IT manage traffic more efficiently and economically.

May 2006

Monitoring applications with Observer and NetFlow

Application performance directly affects the bottom-line. Maintaining network application performance is critical to IT's mission and the entire organization's success.

April 2006

Realize Your Full Potential

Relying on Observer's core features to manage the network can be an effective strategy, but you can increase your productivity and expand your network control by leveraging more of Observer's intelligence. Discovering Observer's full potential will help you recognize your own potential, ultimately allowing you to refocus your time on more important matters. Ignorance isn't bliss: take advantage of what is already in your network arsenal.

March 2006

Testing the Network

Getting blindsided by a preventable problem can be frustrating, expensive, and quite embarrassing. Identifying potential problems on the network and preparing for future deployments is critical to ensure there are enough resources available for users. Observer's What-If modeling can help manage risks and even prevent those unwanted surprises.

February 2006

Deploying Probes in an Enterprise Environment

Before deploying Observer, user complaints were all a major automotive organization had to monitor network communications at its 56 remote offices. To gain distributed visibility and stay within budget, the IT team deployed 60 VIAVI Solutions' probes across the entire network infrastructure. Now they proactively monitor the network–finding and resolving problems before they become user complaints. In fact, the organization has not experienced any downtime since these probes were deployed.

January 2006

Network TAPs

A major financial institution had to clone all of its SQL database calls to comply with corporate policy. To start, the IT department needed a reliable way to access and copy all that data. They discovered the only way to do this is with a network TAP. The company purchased over 30 TAPs to work in conjunction with monitoring devices to collect and analyze its SQL transactions.