July 2006

Network World GigaStor™ Review

In a recent review, Network World awarded VIAVI Solutions’ GigaStor Appliance a score of 4.3 out of 5 across five categories.

“The appliance passed our tests with flying colors.”

—Barry Nance, Network World

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In Practice: Slow server response

When users complain of a slow server, the problem could be any number of reasons. Fortunately, Observer® can help you quickly investigate and identify the problem to help you restore full service to users.

If users are experiencing slow response time from a server, you can easily investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve the issue by checking a few areas within Observer. A good place to start is reviewing your applications. Observer’s Application Analysis allows you to compare the application response time to the number of transactions that are occurring. Check to see if this ratio is normal or abnormal. This should be easy to assess if you have baselined server activity in the past.

Slow web servers are also a common complaint. Users will simply stop waiting for a web page to download and quit their browser. While a slow server could cause the delay, it is also possible the transactions required to complete the page are failing. You can verify this by reviewing the number of failed transactions for the web server within Application Analysis. An excessive number of failed transactions shows that the problem is within the application.

If everything appears normal in Application Analysis, your next step might be to look at the conversation in Observer’s Expert TCP Events. Again, review response time and network delay, looking for any abnormal deviations.

Additionally, the retransmitting column within TCP Events can help you determine if the issue is layer 4 (a transaction problem), rather than layer 7 (an application problem).

Observer’s Connection Dynamics is also another option for troubleshooting slow server response time. Connection Dynamics shows exactly where in the conversation the issues (delay, retransmissions, etc.) are occurring.

Need more help? Refer to the Help menu on your Observer console, visit the VIAVI Solutions’ user forum, or call Technical Support.

In Practice
Application Analysis

In Practice

TCP Events

Tech Tip: Connection Dynamics Shortcut

Observer's unique Connection Dynamics feature provides a graphical view of system conversations, so that you can instantly identify latency issues and track response times. Now, it is even easier to access Connection Dynamics when reviewing packet decodes within Observer. From the decode summary pane, right-click on any packet that is part of a TCP conversation and select Connection Dynamics. A graphical display of network communication between the selected source and corresponding destination will appear.

Packet Decode



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