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December 2007

Are You Getting the Whole Network Picture?

Although SPAN ports are often thought of as a passive method of monitoring data, the reality is the opposite. Learn about the data screened out by switches and its importance in accurate analysis. Using TAPs or SPAN ports affects how much of the traffic the analysis device can see.

November 2007

Managing Network Health with Link Analyst

Learn how Link Analyst 5 serves as comprehensive solution for proactively managing your network infrastructure. Link Analyst discovers network devices, organizes monitoring and reporting around departments, device types, or office locations, generates high-level and comparative reports, and allows engineers to quickly understand device health across the network.

October 2007

Observer Reporting Server

Learn how to get a handle on network performance problems across your distributed network with Observer Reporting Server (ORS). ORS provides a consolidated view of an entire network by connecting and aggregating information from multiple Observer Suite consoles. ORS also provides web-based reporting which can be used by management to evaluate performance across the organization.

September 2007

In-depth Look at Observer 12.1 New Features

Learn more about the features added to Observer 12.1. The new version improves network and application troubleshooting by locating high-level problems and quickly identifying the cause at the packet level through integrated forensics. Version 12.1 enhancements also allow you to organize application performance analysis by business department and activities as well as provide expanded options for sharing VoIP reports with management.

August 2007

Aardman Animations Selects Observer

"We reviewed the best network management tools on the market, but no other vendor could touch VIAVI Solutions' Observer…" said Howard Arnault-Ham, head of IT for Aardmad Animations. Learn why Aardman Animations chose Observer to manage their complex network of creative applications.

July 2007

Isolating Vista's IPv6 Problems

Many organizations are using Observer v. 12 to identify and resolve IPv6 conflicts on the network resulting from deployments of the Vista OS.

June 2007

Internal Compliance with GigaStor

In addition to troubleshooting network, application, and security issues, GigaStor helps enforce internal acceptable network use policies. GigaStor captures and saves network-level data, which can be reconstructed for documenting any prohibited network use.

May 2007

Managing MPLS and IPv6 with Observer 12

Upgrade to Observer 12 and track and analyze MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) and IPv6 network traffic. These new technologies are changing network management, and Observer 12 provides detailed analysis and reporting to support MPLS and IPv6 implementations.

April 2007

Managing MPLS and IPv6 with Observer 12

By upgrading to Observer 12, you'll be able to conduct both MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) and IPv6 analysis. MPLS is aimed at speeding the flow of network traffic by inserting specific path and quality of service information within the packet, whereas IPv6 is aimed at expanding the length of IP addresses from 32 to 128 bits. With the number of potential IP addresses available, every device from your toaster to the kitchen sink will be able to have an IP address.

March 2007

Avoiding Problems Through VoIP Pre-deployment Testing

VoIP is a complex technology to deploy with many potential bumps along the way. Like the adage "measure twice, cut once," it's better to avoid network headaches by spotting potential issues during pre-deployment testing rather than assuming your network can handle the new VoIP application.

February 2007

Verifying Service Level Agreements

When it comes to Service Level Agreements, don't just rely on your provider's promise. Get proof they are meeting their SLA by deploying Expert Observer and a WAN Probe Appliance on these critical links.

January 2007

Conducting a Wireless Site Survey

Ongoing site surveys are key to ensuring the performance of wireless networks. VIAVI Solutions Observer products play a key role in any site survey providing important performance statistics on your wired and wireless networks.