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December 2008

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitoring application performance from a high level is important, but without packet-level analysis it's impossible to actually resolve the issue. Unlike traditional reporting tools, Observer Reporting Server's (ORS) version 13 troubleshooting enhancements make it easy for you to monitor performance trends and diagnose the source of delay in one solution.

November 2008

Speed Root-Cause Analysis with Enhanced GigaStor

Regardless of the innumerable tasks required of network engineers, their primary purpose is to ensure the prompt delivery of applications to users. As a part of version 13 upgrades, we've enhanced GigaStorâ„¢ to speed the troubleshooting process. The improvements make it easier to sift through terabytes of data, perform analysis, isolate problems, and find their sources.

October 2008

Top 5 Observer 13 Features

VIAVI Solutions has a history of developing features around customer requests. For example, the introduction of Observer Reporting Server (ORS) was driven by customer need to aggregate Observer views. Upon using ORS, many asked for greater troubleshooting capabilities. As shown below, VIAVI Solutions has met those customer requests by adding real-time analysis in ORS.

September 2008

Using NetFlow in Observer

Although business budgets may be decreasing, the job pressures of the network engineer stay constant. In times where organizations are more sensitive about spending IT dollars, it's important for network engineers to be creative in leveraging all available resources to ensure smooth network operation.

August 2008

When to Upgrade Bandwidth

With networks experiencing increased bandwidth demands from applications, and with vendor pressure to consider network upgrades in conjunction with major roll outs, IT staff might question if an infrastructure upgrade is really necessary. Whether moving from 10/100 Mbps to 1 Gb or 1 Gb to 10 Gb, Observer can play a central role in evaluating the needs to upgrade.

July 2008

Are You Prepared for Unified Communications?

The migration of organizations from gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb) networks is often driven by unified communications initiatives that push traditional communication functions onto the network. Unified communications (UC) programs involve a combination of network-driven communication tools including VoIP, Web conferencing, online collaboration, instant messaging (IM), email, voicemail, and videoconferencing.

June 2008

10 Gb Adoption Trends & Obstacles

With nearly one-quarter of global organizations implementing 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb) by the end of 2008, it is safe to say that a steady migration to 10 Gb is underway. This trend is currently driven by larger organizations, but with the price of 10 Gb infrastructure falling adoption is becoming more widespread. This article explores adoption trends and the hidden costs of moving to 10 Gb.

May 2008

Going In-Depth with Applications

According to our recent VIAVI Solutions Global Study, three-quarters of network managers get bogged down in pinpointing the causes of network and application performance problems. Organizations often lack the visibility necessary to identify a problem's source.

April 2008

Getting More From GigaStor

Having the ability to store and review packet-level network data, transactions, and activities can be valuable for more than troubleshooting. This section explores other areas of networking where the RNA ability of GigaStor can be applied.

March 2008

The Details of Application Troubleshooting

Although high-level network views are important, when it comes to troubleshooting application performance the devil can be in the details. Application analysis tells you whether the server is performing normally and provides you an overall picture of response times.

February 2008

Using NetFlow to Obtain Cost Effective Visibility

Gaining visibility into routed traffic across every port on a global network can be a large investment using probes alone. Partnering NetFlow with an analyzer like VIAVI Solutions Observer is a cost-effective way to extend overall network visibility and conduct in-depth packet analysis.

January 2008

Application Analysis and Probe Placement

Ensuring timely access to business-critical application servers is what justifies having a network (and an IT staff) in the first place. Effectively monitoring applications means measuring how well key components of the IT infrastructure are performing over time and identifying problems before they affect your business.