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December 2009

6 Steps to Troubleshooting Success

User complaints never come at an opportune time. You are already being pulled in 20 directions when a user complains of slow Internet or email access. With few details and limited time to solve the problem, it's easy to overlook sound troubleshooting practices.

November 2009

Preparing for WAN Acceleration

Over the past few years, we have seen server consolidation occurring for many reasons ranging from security to virtualization and simple cost-cutting efforts. In addition to consolidation at the core, users are more distributed accessing the network from a variety of locations including remote and home offices and smart phones.

October 2009

Top 5 Observer 14 Features

We're proud to announce Observer 14. Many of the features are customer-driven, providing significantly enhanced application analysis, strengthening proactive troubleshooting, and adding to our top-end reporting server's capabilities for a more streamlined approach to problem resolution. With limited newsletter space and so many features, we'll cover the top 5 features of greatest interest to our new and existing users.

September 2009

New Performance Perspectives

You'd think with networks being more robust, an engineer's job would have become simpler. Nothing could be further from the truth. The emergence of complex multi-tiered applications and new technologies like virtualization have increased job pressures.

August 2009

Avoiding The Perfect VoIP Storm

Although now a mainstream technology, managing VoIP remains a challenge for even the most seasoned IT pro. The application's sensitivity to packet loss and delay and users intolerance for anything less than audio perfection can create a troubleshooting nightmare.

July 2009

Proving Network ROI

Given the tight economic times, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and feeling pressure to justify new spending. So, how do you make the case for upgrading your monitoring investment?

June 2009

Keys to On-Time Application Delivery

According to our recent VIAVI Solutions Global Study, 80% of network managers get bogged down in pinpointing the causes of performance problems. And no surprise, the primary cause of performance problems was almost always the application. It's no wonder that application delivery gets so much attention. When applications are slow, business productivity tanks.

May 2009

5 Steps to Cloud Computing Migration

The increase in network-driven applications including Web 2.0 and unified communications, means the network has become an ever more integral component in conducting business. The emergence of cloud computing places further pressure and reliance on the network, particularly the Internet connection.

April 2009

Virtual Problems, Real Solutions

A quick Google search on "network virtualization" generates nearly 7 million hits. All of the major IT publications have touted the technology, and according to Forrester Research, 55 percent of all firms will have implemented it in some fashion by the end of the year with another 29 percent planning budgets.

March 2009

Changes in WAN Troubleshooting

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest changes in the wide-area networks (WAN) world has been the emergence and growth of Ethernet as the technology of choice for WAN delivery. Business demands for increased network capacity, reduced Ethernet costs, and familiarity with the technology have all led to this trend. Let's take a look at the changing landscape of WAN connectivity and how it impacts monitoring tools and troubleshooting WAN performance.

February 2009

Peeling Back the Layers of Multi-Tiered Apps

Today's CRM packages, accounting platforms, and other complex database driven applications are almost impossible to house on a single system. Instead, these applications have evolved into multi-tiered applications which consist of multiple server tiers handling different application processes.

January 2009

Observer's Hidden Gems

While Observer 13 includes numerous new features and enhancements, here are just a few of our "hidden Observer gems" that you may not be aware of.