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December 2010

Are Your Response Time Numbers Lying?

Application response time is often used as a quick reading for assessing overall application delivery.

November 2010

Unexpected Adventures in Networking

In August, we asked readers to share their craziest tech stories. Here are three that left us speechless.

October 2010

How Much are Network Certifications Worth?

In a tough economy, any way you can positively differentiate yourself to a prospective employer is a good idea. In many cases, certifications are a job requirement. If not required, they can certainly be an effective way to open doors.

September 2010

7 Essentials for Managing Data Center Services

The convergence of virtualization, consolidation, and cloud computing in today's data center offers more promise and risk than at any time since the client-server revolution of the 80s/90s. The promise lies in optimizing data center operations by reducing capital expenses, management costs, and energy consumption. The risks include compromised security, reduced visibility, and degraded availability of critical IT resources.

August 2010

8 Pros and Cons of Cisco UCS

Cisco recently announced its Unified Computing System (UCS) initiative to showcase the promise and flexibility of virtualization in the data center. According to Cisco, UCS provides tighter integration with virtualization, increases IT resource flexibility and efficiency, and generates significant time and resource savings.

July 2010

Choosing the Right Videoconferencing Technology

With the development of more affordable and robust videoconferencing solutions, many organizations are evaluating this technology as a way to increase project collaboration and reduce travel costs. But how do you decide which videoconference technology is right for you?

June 2010

Understanding Cloud Computing

Open any popular IT publication and you're bound to see countless articles on how cloud computing is going to change everything from application management to climate change. With all these claims, it can be hard to understand what cloud computing really is and how it will impact network management.

May 2010

Creating the Complete Picture of Performance

Managing and investigating network issues is impossible without all the facts. With the release of our newest solution, Observer Infrastructure (OI), network teams can track device, system, and route performance. OI integrates with Observer Reporting Server to present a complete picture of performance for problem solving and capacity planning.

April 2010

Top 5 New Observer Features

You told us what you'd like to see in the Observer platform and we listened. Now presenting the top 5 new Observer features to make managing application and network performance easier.

March 2010

Network Investigations: Step by Step

With user complaints about the network often being short on details, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best way is often by looking up the network stack and ruling out possibilities.

February 2010

Turning Observer into a Money Generator

How do you use an analyzer? Typically, they are pulled off the shelf only when a network crisis occurs. Most engineers don't think of them as revenue generators.

January 2010

4 Tips for Tackling Network Problems

How do you determine where to begin tracking down the source of network problems? In last month's newsletter, we began at the bottom of the stack by troubleshooting physical-layer issues. This month we're going to examine network-layer problems using tips outlined by NI University instructor Mike Motta.