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December 2011

Are Agents Necessary for Accurate Monitoring?

How does an IT team ensure accurate and complete visibility? Obtaining comprehensive visibility into performance requires not only looking at the network and application, but digging into infrastructure health and performance. Solutions providing this view typically utilize two different approaches: agent or agentless.

November 2011

Observer 15: Top 5 New Features

We're proud to announce the launch of Observer 15. The release focuses on critical application challenges IT teams face in validating video conferencing and unified communications performance, gaining insight into middleware, tracking financial apps, and analyzing high-speed network environments. With limited newsletter space and literally hundreds of enhancements, we'll focus on the 5 most significant features.

October 2011

Cloud Primer: Developing Monitoring Strategies

Relying on cloud vendors for performance metrics can leave things, well, cloudy. Learn about top cloud monitoring challenges and successful strategies for benchmarking and ensuring cloud success.

September 2011

Private Cloud: Top 5 Benefits

As IT becomes less about infrastructure and more about services, discussions have focused on the cloud. Public cloud services from to Amazon Web Services are at the forefront of most conversations, and for network teams this raises serious questions of security, privacy, and control over externally-hosted data and applications. These concerns have caused many IT shops to consider pursuing private cloud strategies.

August 2011

User Experience: 5 Essential Monitoring Metrics

Network teams are increasingly being told by management to track and manage the end user's experience without any clear guidance as to its meaning.

July 2011

Web Application Troubleshooting Essentials

Increasingly many business applications are being built with web frontends. In order to manage these applications, network managers require both solutions capable of isolating HTTP transaction details and providing analysis, as well as the knowledge to interpret the analysis and successfully resolve issues.

June 2011

Picking the Right Application Monitoring Solution

With network engineers discovering their reality now includes managing and troubleshooting applications, you've probably heard the term application performance monitoring (APM) as much as other buzzwords like cloud. Okay, maybe not as much as cloud. But like it or not, you need to be prepared. With everyone touting their application monitoring expertise, how do you choose the right APM solution?

May 2011

Which Analyzer to Use? Commercial or Freeware?

Networks engineers often have a mix of monitoring tools in their arsenal to manage performance. But, when should you rely on commercial analyzers versus turning to freeware tools. In this article, we'll explore troubleshooting situations and the advantages and limitations of using each analyzer.

April 2011

10 Gb Monitoring: Learning from a Fortune 500 Company

Upgrading from gigabit to 10 Gb is a current initiative for many IT teams. But to complete this task, teams continue to rely on older monitoring tools and methods for managing performance on their new higher-speed links.

March 2011

How Will IPv6 Impact Your VoIP System?

The background of IPv6 is well known. Given how long OS vendors and Cisco have been ready for the change, you would think upgrading VoIP systems would be an easy thing.

February 2011

4 Critical Cloud Monitoring Metrics

No doubt most of you are dealing with externally hosted or cloud applications. To successfully address problems and maintain performance, you'll need to stay on top of these four categories of cloud metrics.

January 2011

7 Keys to Virtualizing the Data Center

While 80 percent of organizations have virtualized some elements of their infrastructure or run a couple of applications on virtual servers, many have shied away from larger virtual deployments.