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December 2012

How to Dodge 6 Big Network Headaches

End of the year budgeting decisions, annual IT performance reviews, reduced staff – it's no wonder the holiday season can be a big distraction rather than a welcome relief in the eyes of a network manager. This year check your network list twice and don't let the second helping of eggnog allow you to make the wrong decisions. Follow these simple tips from VIAVI Solutions and make it a merry network season.

November 2012

Getting Ahead of the Videoconferencing Wave

The future of all communications is undoubtedly IP-based. VoIP has been deployed by most companies, and a growing number are embracing IP-based video communications. IP videoconferencing has strong appeal to businesses through its promise of significant cost and time savings.

October 2012

Avoid Lost Sleep Over BYOD

Do the security, network, and troubleshooting challenges of mobile devices keep you up at night? Learn to avoid the performance nightmares unique to smartphone and handheld devices so you can sleep easy.

September 2012

Can Your Analyzer Handle a VoIP Upgrade?

Is your old VoIP or PBX system rapidly approaching the end of its life? Your network has changed substantially since its deployment many moons ago, making this an ideal time to investigate new VoIP systems and ensure your existing monitoring solution can keep pace with the upgrade. In this article, we discuss five critical areas for consideration to determine whether your monitoring tools can keep pace with the new demands of a VoIP upgrade.

August 2012

Observer 16: Top Five Features

Narrowing down the greatest hits of the new Observer 16 release isn't easy. The new version rounds up the data you need to get things done and almost hands it to you on a silver platter. It streamlines migration, management, and troubleshooting services – even in multi-layered and virtual environments. Not to mention this new platform provides end-to-end support for high-volume, high-speed LTE networks from tower to core. But that's another story.

July 2012

Virtual Desktops: Network Benefits and Challenges

Like most network teams, you're probably comfortable with virtualization after having migrated servers and storage over to the virtual world. But, if your organization is now considering implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), don't worry, you're in good company.

June 2012

Ensuring Visibility with Advanced Flow Technologies

In shifting to cloud and virtual environments, network teams are often faced with reduced visibility. Recent developments in flow-based technologies offer a way to minimize these obstacles. In this article we'll look at the evolution of NetFlow and how to leverage advanced flow technologies like IPFIX, Flexible NetFlow, AppFlow, and Medianet Performance Monitor alongside packet-based analysis for complete visibility into your ever-changing network environment.

May 2012

Microsoft Lync 101: Ensure UC Everything

Although the Microsoft Lync platform is somewhat of a newcomer to the unified communications world, it has turned a lot of network heads. Teams with significant Microsoft investments are obviously considering the platform, but the seamless integration of communication tools into an easy-to-use software GUI is also generating attention. This article will walk you through the basics of Microsoft Lync, how the platform is implemented, and its unique monitoring challenges.

April 2012

Unmask Bandwidth Bandits

The term bandwidth hog makes most network managers consider the usual suspects - from ill-timed backups to illicit P2P use. But bandwidth-stealing applications can be difficult to unmask and simply increasing network capacity won't solve the problem. So let's discuss three commonly overlooked strategies and scenarios to identify bandits and avoid performance interruptions.

March 2012

Prevent Network Fires with Baselines

As a member of the network team, your day is often consumed by rushing from one network fire to the next. What if you could anticipate fires before they fanned out of control? In this article we'll illustrate how to baseline service activity and component health to identify hotspots on your network before they go ablaze.

February 2012

4 Ways to Work Smarter with Packets

What image does the word packet conjure up in your mind? Perhaps an old three-pane decode or ketchup packet? It probably depends upon whether you're thinking with your head or your stomach. In any case, the discussion of packets in the network realm too often focuses on time-consuming, in-the-trenches network troubleshooting.

January 2012

5 IPTV Monitoring Best Practices

Chances are you've seen Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) but didn't know it. Different types of IPTV are popping up in our daily lives ranging from Video-On-Demand to being greeted by pre-recorded video messages at the gas pump or ATM. And many businesses are adopting IPTV to broadcast live or on-demand video content to employees, partners, customers, and investors.