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December 2013

4 Network Problem Timesavers

When tracking down the source of network problems, where do you even begin? VIAVI Solutions University™ instructor, Mike Motta shows you how to get to the root of network-layer issues with the top 4 timesaving tips.

November 2013

10 Gb Upgrade Challenges Top Retailer

When making the leap to 10 Gb, one of America's largest and most profitable retailers faced significant challenges with their application delivery. Instead of relying on reactive approaches to troubleshooting, the IT team developed a proactive monitoring strategy that ensured the successful management of their network – even at higher speeds.

October 2013

Protect Devices From Traffic High Tides

In the most recent State of the Network Global Study, network engineers were asked how much they expected the demand for bandwidth to increase at their organization. The results were startling. Half of the respondents predicted an increase of more than 50 percent over the next two years.

September 2013

Halt Hackers with Network Monitoring

The ominous headlines are incessant. Corporate networks and IT resources are under ever-increasing attacks from those seeking sensitive customer data, employee information, and company IP. Whether the threat is unfriendly governments, criminal organizations, or disgruntled individuals, your critical information system assets are threatened.

August 2013

Solving Videoconferencing's Top 3 Challenges

We asked 170 network professionals in our most recent State of the Network about the unified communications applications their organizations had deployed, and 62 percent indicated videoconferencing.

July 2013

8 Application Troubleshooting Timesavers

How often have you been told the network is at fault, when your gut tells you it's an application issue? The primary challenge is determining where to look. If this sounds all too familiar, you're in good company.

June 2013

How Datacenter Consolidation Changes the Monitoring Game

During the planning stages, datacenter consolidation conversations typically focus on quantifying IT gains and resolving any immediate deployment obstacles. Often overlooked in this discussion is how the new ultra-high density environment will be effectively monitored, once all the highly paid IT consultants move on to their next gig.

May 2013

Want to Climb the IT Ladder? Start Here.

Are you happy with your current job and future career opportunities? If the answer is yes, then continue to work hard, enjoy accumulating vacation days, and hunker down for the long haul. But what if you want more – or something different?

April 2013

APM: Identifying Hidden Costs

We all know the network team’s job isn’t about troubleshooting the network, but about resolving what went wrong with the application. So how do you compare different monitoring products to be sure you have the right solution for the job?

March 2013

Big Data: What's the Network Impact?

According to Gartner® 42 percent of IT management has either already invested in big data technology or plan to do so in the next year. But given the overuse of the term by everyone from media pundits to IT vendors, will it really impact the network? The short answer is yes.

February 2013

Observer 16.1: Top Five UC and App Monitoring Features

Since David Letterman already has his Top 10, we're going with our Top Five to outline the best features from Observer® 16.1. The new version is packed with features to help streamline the process of managing and troubleshooting complex applications, including VoIP and videoconferencing.

January 2013

2013 Network Trends: Top Four Predictions

We’re at the start of a new year when water-cooler chatter centers on conversations of what’s to come. What will be the hot films, cars, or football teams of 2013? But since this is the Insight newsletter, we’ll be gazing into our crystal ball to provide the top four network predictions along with resolutions for this year.