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December 2014

5 Impacts of Big Data

There's no doubt that big data offers big benefits to the enterprise. Improved productivity, better insight into customer experience, and process optimization are just a few ways that teams can get ahead with the technology. In fact, the number of companies implementing big data projects has grown exponentially.

November 2014

3 Top Security Strategies for Packet Capture Devices

With data breaches making headlines almost daily, it is important to ensure adequate security for the data traversing your network, but what about data at rest? Packet capture appliances installed as part of an integrated performance management platform can speed troubleshooting and protect the integrity of the network.

October 2014

3 Top Features of Observer Platform 17

VIAVI Solutions has announced the newest edition of the Observer Performance Management Platform. With redesigned, easy-to-use interfaces and workflows, expanded web user visibility, increased transactional intelligence, and enhanced integration with third-party tools and applications, Observer Platform 17 offers the network team a comprehensive, intuitive approach.

September 2014

3 VoIP Quality Killers: Identifying Network Changes that Affect VoIP Quality

When it comes to ensuring consistent VoIP quality, what you don't know can hurt you. Surprise changes to the network can leave end users unhappy and administrators scratching their heads. Even the smallest configuration and settings changes can have the potential to immediately and adversely impact applications.

August 2014

Using Wireshark & Observer for Complete Visibility

If you are like the average network professional, Wireshark is probably a part of your regular troubleshooting arsenal. And, why not? It's the tool by which you learned network analysis. Its flexibility in licensing, no-cost download, and familiarity, make it a logical choice to deploy to capture and analyze packets.

July 2014

Surviving the Supersize

Top convenience store chain triumphs over network overhaul – saves thousands per day in lost sales. Last year alone, total global convenience store sales topped off at $199 billion, not including fuel. Besides all the soda pop, pizza and aspirin, today's chains provide a host of other products and services, including ATM, money order, and wire transfers.

June 2014

Network 'Security Cameras' Offer Insight after Attacks

Security is a top concern for anyone running a network today. The recent Heartbleed bug and other high-profile hacks have shined a new light on the fact that security strategies in the enterprise must constantly evolve to meet the challenges of new and ever-changing attacks.

May 2014

3 VoIP Monitoring Black Holes to Avoid

When tracking user experience in Unified Communications (UC) applications, like VoIP and videoconferencing, the accuracy of analysis hinges upon your ability to capture, integrate, and analyze multiple data streams that make up a call session including...

April 2014

7 Steps to Multi-Tiered App Success

Multi-tiered applications are no longer the exception but the rule. In the past, assessing application performance meant monitoring response time and health on a single server hosting one application. Now, with the applications increasingly becoming virtualized, utilizing multiple protocols, and operating over multiple servers, the approach to tracking overall application performance needs a reboot.

March 2014

When to Dedupe Packets: Trending vs. Troubleshooting

When it comes to points of network visibility, common knowledge dictates that more is always better. And, when we're talking about troubleshooting and identifying the point of delay, increased visibility is important. But multiple points of visibility can also lead to duplicate packets.

February 2014

Slash Troubleshooting by 87% with Retrospective Analysis

What does your network have in common with a cloud service provider? At first glance, you would probably say not much. But remove the word cloud, and you have an over-taxed network team spending several hours troubleshooting complex database, Citrix, VoIP, and Internet performance problems over a highly-distributed network. 

January 2014

4 Big Networking Changes You'll Make in 2014

With the New Year's celebrations behind us, it's time to put down the eggnog and look forward to the key technologies and trends that will impact network professionals in 2014. We asked Jim Frey, VP of Research for IT Analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), to gaze into his crystal ball and discuss the top 4 trends that will impact network pros in 2014 and how to best prepare.